Fall 2021

September 3DSLMeet & greet new students
September 10Venkat Arun (MIT)Toward Formally Verifying Congestion Control Behavior
September 17Amy Babay (University of Pittsburgh)Toward Intrusion-Tolerant Critical Infrastructure
September 24Yunhao Zhang (Cornell)Oligarchy and Strategic Manipulation in Byzantine Ordered Consensus
October 1Yanfang Le (Intel Barefoot networks)In-Network Computations for ML Training: Research and Production
October 8MaxWhen Idling is Ideal: Optimizing Tail-Latency for Highly-Dispersed Datacenter Workloads with Pers├ęphone
October 15Fall break
October 22Andrew BeamsPacket scheduling with optional client privacy
October 29Theo Jepsen (Stanford)In-Network Computing for Database Transaction Delivery
November 5
November 12Cancelled
November 19Irene Zhang (Microsoft Research)The Demikernel Datapath Architecture for Microsecond-scale Datacenter Systems
November 26Thanksgiving break
December 3Tian Pan  (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications) Cloud Network Device Overload Prevention

Fall 2020

September 11DSLMeet & greet new students
September 18Kevin Bock (U of Maryland)Anti-censorship systems
September 25Sid Sen (MSR NYC)Responsible AI for systems
October 2Natacha Crooks (UC Berkeley)Oblivious transaction processing
October 9Adriana Szekeres (U of Washington)Scalable replicated multicore transactions
October 16Nofel YaseenScalable Runtime Verification of Distributed Middleboxes
October 23Haoran ZhangFault-tolerant and transactional stateful serverless workflows
October 30Benjamin Lee
November 6
November 13Varun Chandrasekaran (U of Wisconsin)Connections between model extraction and active learning
November 20Daehyeok Kim (CMU)TEA: Enabling State-Intensive Network Functions on Programmable Switches
November 27Thanksgiving break
December 4Jing Li (Penn)It is All About Data: A Path Towards Future Systems
December 11

Spring 2020

January 31Mohammad Javad Amiri
February 7
February 14
February 21Nofel Yaseentpprof: A Network Traffic Pattern Profiler
February 28Pardis PashakhanlooPACMAN: A Framework for Package-oriented Software Debloating
March 6Liangcheng YuMantis: Reactive Programmable Switches
March 13Spring Break
March 20
March 27MaxSeeds of the underworld: scheduling kernel-bypass network with Pers├ęphone
April 3
April 10NeerajBounded Time Recovery for Distributed Real-Time Systems
April 17Haoxian ChenSynthesizing Verifiable DSL Programs from SDN Controller Applications
April 24Lei ShiNetwork Traffic Classification by Program Synthesis
May 1Henry ZhuDebugging Strongly-compartmentalized Distributed Systems
May 8Sebastian AngelPrivate Resource Allocators
May 15TBD

Fall 2019

September 6Introduction
September 13Drew DeVault (visitor)Building large applications out of mini-services at sourcehut
September 20Konstantinos KallasFlumina: Automated Code Distribution for Edge Computing
September 27 Mihir Nanavati (MSR) Adaptive self-tuning data stores
October 4Suk-Bok Lee (Hanyang University)Enabling video privacy for commodity IoT cameras
October 11Fall break (no seminar)
October 18Edo RothHoneycrisp: Large-Scale Differentially Private Aggregation Without a Trusted Core
October 25 Henri Maxime Demoulin Designing datacenters applications in the age of acceleration
November 1
November 8Haonan Lu (Princeton University)Speeding up read-only transactions
November 15
November 22Haoxian ChenProgramming networks by examples
November 29Thanksgiving Break (no seminar)
December 6Akshitha Sriraman (UMichigan)
Enabling Hyperscale Web Services
December 13Qizhen ZhangRethinking Data Management Systems for Disaggregated Data Centers

Spring 2019

1/11/2019Behnaz ArzaniTowards networks that manage themselves
2/1/2019Cheng Tan (NYU)Active Device and Link Failure Localization in Data Center Networks (conference practice talk)
2/8/2019Edo RothPrivate Graph Processing
2/15/2019Nik SultanaWhat we talk about when we talk about pcap expressions 
2/22/2019Sebastian AngelTransactional data structures and black-box cocurrency and fault-tolerance
3/8/2019Spring Break
3/15/2019Nofel Yaseentpprof: A Network Traffic Pattern Profiler
3/22/2019Tian YangSynchronous Data Center Network
4/5/2019Neeraj GandhiRTNF: Predictable Latency for Network Function Virtualization (conference practice talk)
4/12/2019Nikos Vasilakis
4/19/2019Max DemoulinDetecting Application-layer Denial-of-Service Attacks with FINELAME
4/26/2019Qizhen ZhangOptimizing Declarative Graph Queries at Large Scale (conference practice talk)

Fall 2018

9/14/2018Xinyi ChenP3log: Provenance for Probabilistic Programming
9/21/2018Pardis PashakhanlooEffective Program Debloating via Reinforcement Learning
9/28/2018Brian SandlerREBOUND: Defending Distributed Systems Against Attacks with Bounded-Time Recovery
10/5/2018(No Seminar) (Fall Term Break)
10/12/2018Nik SultanaFlightplan: Dataplane Disaggregation and Coordination for In-network Computing
10/19/2018Haoxian ChenTowards Example-Guided Network Synthesis
10/26/2018Edo RothHoneycrisp: Large-scale Differentially Private Aggregation Without a Trusted Core
11/2/2018Nikos VasilakisRuntime Programmatic Transformations for Fun and Profit
11/9/2018Lei ShiNetwork Flow Classifier Synthesis
11/16/2018Bjarne Stroustrup (Guest)What – if anything – have we learned from C++?
11/23/2018(No Seminar)(Thanksgiving break)
11/30/2018(Informal Gathering)
12/7/2018Steven M. Bellovin30 Years of Defending the Internet

Spring 2018

Jan 12Aakanksha ChowdheryFog networking for Networked drone cameras
Jan 19(No Seminar)
Jan 26Nikos VasilakisBreakApp: Automated, Flexible Application Compartmentalization
Feb 2Nathan DautenhahnAbstractions, Mechanisms, and Policies for Intra-Kernel Privilege Separation
Feb 9Yifei Yuan Programming and Verification of Stateful Networks
Feb 16(No Seminar)
Feb 23Saeed AbediPredictable Latency for Network Function Virtualization
Mar 2Haoxian Chen LHD: Improving Cache Hit Rate by Maximizing Hit Density
Mar 9(Spring Break)
Mar 16(Ph.D. Visit Day)
Mar 23Hui LyuDebugging MLDM Ensembles with Probabilistic Provenance
Mar 30Anduo Wang(Cancelled)
Apr 6John SonchackTurboFlow: Information-Rich Flow Record Generation on Commodity Switches
Apr 13Henri Maxime DemoulinMitigating DoS with DeDoS
Apr 20Nofel YaseenSynchronized Network Snapshots
Apr 27Ethan Katz-Bassett Teaching Old Protocols New Tricks: A Measurement-Driven Approach to Making the Internet Fast

Fall 2017

Sept. 8Yang WuDiagnosing Performance Problems with Timing Provenance
Sept. 15Joe DeviettiFixing the Engine While It’s Running: Automatic False Sharing Repair for Managed and Unmanaged Code
Sept. 22Lei Shi Opportunistic Privilege Separation
Sept. 29Joel Hypolite Putting Network Intrusion Detection Systems in the PHAST lane
Oct. 6None(Fall Break)
Oct. 13Linh Thi Xuan Phan Predictable timing for the cloud
Oct. 20Luke Valenta May the Fourth Be With You: A Microarchitectural Side Channel Attack on Several Real-World Applications of Curve25519
Oct. 25Guest: Rohan Amin Cybersecurity @ JPMorgan Chase
Nov. 3James Weimer The Internet of Medical Things: Personalizing Medicine in an Impersonal World
Nov. 10Alex Marder Measuring Internet Congestion
Nov. 17Qizhen Zhang Suffice: Shuffle as a Service
Nov. 24None(Thanksgiving)
Dec. 1
Dec. 8Nikos Vasilakis Query-efficient Partitions for Dynamic Data
Dec. 15ShaananTBA

Spring 2017

Jan 19Eugene Chai5G and Beyond: The Road to Next-Generation Broadband
Jan 26No meetingSIGCOMM deadline
Feb 2Chen ChenSTRANDS: STatic and Runtime ANalysis of Declarative Systems
Feb 9Ang ChenSecure Diagnostics and Forensics with Network Provenance
Feb 16Vincent LiuReliable Data Center Networks
Feb 23Xin ZhangAdaptive Program Reasoning via Online Learning
March 2Behnaz ArzaniImproving Network Performance Through Endpoint Diagnosis
March 9No meetingSpring break
March 16Omid AlipourfardCherryPick: Adaptively Unearthing the Best Cloud Configurations for Big Data Analytics
March 23Yang Wu Automated Bug Removal for Software-Defined Networks
March 30Nikos VasilakisTowards Automated Module-level Application Compartmentalization
April 6Meng Xu vCAT: Dynamic Cache Management using CAT Virtualization
April 13Nik Sultana FLICK: Developing and Running Application-Specific Network Services
April 20Max Demoulin DeDoS: Defusing DoS with Dispersion-Oriented Software
April 27Xujie SiNichrome: A Solver for Mixed Hard and Soft Constraints

Fall 2016

Sept 8, 2016Ang ChenThe Good, the Bad, and the Differences: Better Network Diagnostics with Differential Provenance (practice talk).
Sept 15, 2016Qizhen ZhangQuegel, a general-purpose querying system on big graphs (informal talk).
Sept 22, 2016Chen ChenDistributed provenance compression (informal talk).
Sept 29, 2016Nathan DautenhahnProtection in Commodity Operating Systems (practice talk).
Oct 6, 2016NoneFall break
Oct 13, 2016Yang WuDiagnosing Performance Problems with Timing Provenance (informal talk).
Oct 20, 2016Meng XuvCAT: Dynamic Cache Management using CAT Virtualization (informal talk)
Oct 27, 2016Antonis PapadimitriouBig Data Analytics over Encrypted Datasets with Seabed (OSDI practice talk)
Nov 3, 2016Nikos Vasilakis(A status report on) Andromeda: a distributed operating system for the commodity cloud
Nov 10, 2016Alex MarderMAP-IT: Multipass Accurate Passive Inferences from Traceroute (practice talk for IMC)
Nov 17, 2016Behnaz ArzaniEnd-host based Transient Network Fault Detection and Localization in Data Centers
Nov 24, 2016NoneThanksgiving
Dec 1, 2016John SonchackTiming-based Reconnaissance and Defense in Software-defined Networks (ADSAC practice talk)
Dec 8, 2016Max DemoulinTBA
Dec 15, 2016Linh Thi Xuan PhanTBA