Fridays 12-1PM, DSL Conference Room

The DSL Seminar is a weekly gathering of the research students and professors in the Distributed Systems Laboratory. We discuss research ideas and specific projects within University of Pennsylvania as well as external to Penn. We welcome visitors to participate as both speakers and audience members. Funding for DSL seminar lunches are sponsored by Vanguard.

Schedule for Fall 2021

September 3DSLMeet & greet new students
September 10Venkat Arun (MIT)Toward Formally Verifying Congestion Control Behavior
September 17Amy Babay (University of Pittsburgh)Toward Intrusion-Tolerant Critical Infrastructure
September 24Yunhao Zhang (Cornell)Oligarchy and Strategic Manipulation in Byzantine Ordered Consensus
October 1Yanfang Le (Intel Barefoot networks)In-Network Computations for ML Training: Research and Production
October 8MaxWhen Idling is Ideal: Optimizing Tail-Latency for Highly-Dispersed Datacenter Workloads with Perséphone
October 15Fall break
October 22Andrew BeamsPacket scheduling with optional client privacy
October 29Theo Jepsen (Stanford)In-Network Computing for Database Transaction Delivery
November 5
November 12Cancelled
November 19Irene Zhang (Microsoft Research)The Demikernel Datapath Architecture for Microsecond-scale Datacenter Systems
November 26Thanksgiving break
December 3Tian Pan  (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications) Cloud Network Device Overload Prevention