Fridays 1-2PM, DSL Conference Room

The DSL Seminar is a weekly gathering of the research students and professors in the Distributed Systems Laboratory. We discuss research ideas and specific projects within University of Pennsylvania as well as external to Penn. We welcome visitors to participate as both speakers and audience members. Funding for DSL seminar lunches are sponsored by Vanguard and Comcast.

Schedule for Spring 2023

January 13Mohammad Javad AmiriLarge-Scale Collaborative Data Management in Untrusted Environments
January 20Haoxian ChenTBD (cancelled)
February 3Julia StoyanovichResponsible data management, ethical data management and analysis
February 10Derek LeungTBD
February 17Vincent LiuTBD
February 24Alexandra HenzingerSimple and Fast Single-Server Private Information Retrieval
April 7Ke ZhongTBD