Distributed Systems Laboratory

Department of Computer and Information Science
School of Engineering and Applied Science
University of Pennsylvania
Moore School of Electrical Engineering
Rooms 100 & 102
200 South 33rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6389

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Distributed Systems Laboratory
DSL equipment, old and new


Interim Director

Boon Thau Loo


Sebastian Angel
Andreas Haeberlen
Zack Ives
Insup Lee
Vincent Liu
Linh Thi Xuan Phan
Jonathan M. Smith

Affiliated Faculty

Rajeev Alur
Susan Davidson
Joe Devietti
André DeHon
Mayur Naik
Oleg Sokolsky
Benjamin C. Pierce
Steve Zdancewic
Saswati Sarkar
David Farber (emeritus)
  (DSL founder)


Nathan Dautenhahn
Daniel Genkin

PhD Students

Saeed Abedi
Shaanan Cohney
Max Demoulin
Marcella Hastings
Perry E. Metzger
Vineetha Paruchuri
Luke Valenta
Nikos Vasilakis
Meng Xu
Qizhen Zhang


Yang Li
Behnaz Arzani
Ang Chen
Chen Chen
Antonis Papadimitriou
Yang Wu
Nadia Heninger
Matt Blaze
Jim Alexander
Scott Alexander
Kostas G. Anagnostakis
Madhukar Anand
Bill Arbaugh
Adam Aviv
Eric Cronin
James R. Davin
Toru Egashira
Ari Feldman
Alex Garthwaite
Katherine Gibson
Faik Goktas
Michael Greenwald
Roch Guerin
Alex Gurney
Ilija Hadzic
Mike Hicks
Sotiris Ioannidis
Angelos Keromytis
Björn Knutsson
Jessica Kornblum
Frey A. Kuo
E. Christopher Lewis
Dekai Li
Dong Lin
Changbin Liu
Mengmeng Liu
Honghui Lu
Yun Mao
Aaron J. Marks
Stefan Miltchev
Ron Minnich
Steve Muir
Klara Nahrstedt
Arjun Narayan
John Shaffer
Gaurav Shah
Jonathan Shapiro
Micah Sherr
Kyle Super
Ivan Tam
Joe Touch
Brendan Traw
Sanjay Udani
Benoit Valiron
Anduo Wang
Baohua Wu
Yifei Yuan
Zhuoyao Zhang
Mingchen Zhao
Peifang Zheng
Wenchao Zhou
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The Distributed Systems Laboratory (DSL) is an academic and research facility investigating advanced distributed systems and networking technologies.

Current Projects

DSL Seminar

The DSL Seminar is a weekly gathering of the research students and professors in the Distributed Systems Laboratory.

Past Projects

  • AURORA Gigabit Testbed
  • CING is a tool for measuring network-internal delays.
  • Confusion: a technique for thwarting network eavesdropping by inserting of uncertainty and indistinguishability in transcripts.
  • DS2
  • Formally Verifiable Networking
  • FLAME is a system for flexible, high-performance network monitoring.
  • The GAIN project.
  • JitterBug: Covert Channels using Input Device Subversion.
  • NEBULA Future Internet Architecture
  • NetTrails
  • NoBot - network-embedded defense against Botnets
  • PLAN is a resource-bounded functional programming language that uses a form of remote procedure call to realize active network packet programming.
  • POSSE is an accelerated program of security-focused software development to produce security-audited, trustworthy software.
  • Protocol Boosters can improve performance of the communication protocols in a distributed system.
  • PUMA
  • RapidNet
  • SAFEST - experimental research into performance/anonymity tradeoffs
  • SNAP (Safe and Nimble Active Packets) is an active networking system where traditional packet headers are replaced with programs written in a special-purpose programming language.
  • SOUND - resilient networking architectures that exploit SAFE hardware
  • SPYCE explores issues of software quality and infrastructure protection in diffuse computing environments.
  • SSARES: Secure Searchable Automated Remote Email Storage
  • STRONGMAN (Scalable TRust Of Next Generation MANagement) addresses issues of scale and complexity in security management by introducing a security policy interoperability layer based on a trust management system, and a high level specification language.
  • SwitchWare explores the idea of allowing routing elements to be extensively programmed by the packets passing through them.


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