Distributed Systems Laboratory

Department of Computer and Information Science
School of Engineering and Applied Science
University of Pennsylvania
Moore School of Electrical Engineering
Rooms 100 & 102
200 South 33rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6389

Distributed Systems Laboratory
DSL equipment, old and new

The Distributed Systems Laboratory (DSL) is an academic and research facility investigating advanced distributed systems and networking technologies.

Current Projects

Past Projects

  • AURORA Gigabit Testbed
  • CING is a tool for measuring network-internal delays.
  • Confusion: a technique for thwarting network eavesdropping by inserting of uncertainty and indistinguishability in transcripts.
  • FLAME is a system for flexible, high-performance network monitoring.
  • The GAIN project.
  • JitterBug: Covert Channels using Input Device Subversion.
  • PLAN is a resource-bounded functional programming language that uses a form of remote procedure call to realize active network packet programming.
  • POSSE is an accelerated program of security-focused software development to produce security-audited, trustworthy software.
  • Protocol Boosters can improve performance of the communication protocols in a distributed system.
  • The RCANE project.
  • SNAP (Safe and Nimble Active Packets) is an active networking system where traditional packet headers are replaced with programs written in a special-purpose programming language.
  • SPYCE explores issues of software quality and infrastructure protection in diffuse computing environments.
  • SSARES: Secure Searchable Automated Remote Email Storage
  • STRONGMAN (Scalable TRust Of Next Generation MANagement) addresses issues of scale and complexity in security management by introducing a security policy interoperability layer based on a trust management system, and a high level specification language.
  • SwitchWare explores the idea of allowing routing elements to be extensively programmed by the packets passing through them.


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