DSL Seminar

Fridays 12-1PM, DSL Conference Room

The DSL Seminar is a weekly gathering of the research students and professors in the Distributed Systems Laboratory. We discuss research ideas and specific projects within University of Pennsylvania as well as external to Penn. We welcome visitors to participate as both speakers and audience members.

Schedule for Fall 2018

Date Speaker Topic/Remarks
9/14/2018 Xinyi Chen P3log: Provenance for Probabilistic Programming Abstract
9/21/2018 Pardis Pashakhanloo Effective Program Debloating via Reinforcement Learning Abstract
9/28/2018 Brian Sandler REBOUND: Defending Distributed Systems Against Attacks with Bounded-Time Recovery Abstract
10/5/2018 (No Seminar) (Fall Term Break)
10/12/2018 Nik Sultana Flightplan: Dataplane Disaggregation and Coordination for In-network Computing Abstract
10/19/2018 Haoxian Chen Towards Example-Guided Network Synthesis Abstract
10/26/2018 Edo Roth Honeycrisp: Large-scale Differentially Private Aggregation Without a Trusted Core Abstract
11/2/2018 Nikos Vasilakis Runtime Programmatic Transformations for Fun and Profit Abstract
11/9/2018 Lei Shi Network Flow Classifier Synthesis Abstract
11/16/2018 Bjarne Stroustrup (Guest) What - if anything - have we learned from C++? Abstract
11/23/2018 (No Seminar) (Thanksgiving break)
11/30/2018 Saeed Abedi (TBD)
12/7/2018 Qizhen Zhang Optimizing Datalog queries in datacenters

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